Selective list from 500+ published articles.

Not in chronological order.

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Pew Research Center

Two articles about women in leadership positions and legislatures around the world. (March 2017, March 2019)

An in-depth look at the immigrants and children of immigrants in the 116th U.S. Congress. (January 2019)

The Center's most striking findings from the past year for 2016, 2017 and 2018

A look at the increase in depression among U.S. teens, particularly teen girls. (July 2019)

A highlight on Americans' knowledge of and views of gender-neutral pronouns. (September 2019)

CharlotteFive (Charlotte Observer)

A series on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected romantic, close and serendipitous relationships. (February 2021)


An exploration of being the "background friend" and steps to overcome it. (December 2019)

York Daily Record

A multimedia profile of D'Andre Deshields, a break dancer in York, Pennsylvania. (June 2016)

A multimedia feature – and my favorite story – about an energetic, creative BMX team from York in the 1980s. (April 2016)

A feature about a high school cross country team that astonished their community when they won States. (May 2015)

The Riveter

A feature on a complicated and controversial plan to reintroduce bison back to their native habitats in Montana. (May 2015)

The Western News

An investigative look into the spread of the invasive pike in Montana waters. (August 2014) (PDF) 

Columbia Missourian

A feature about efforts in Columbia, Missouri, to help lower-income students overcome the achievement gap. (April 2012)

A story breaking down the many numbers surrounding Typhoon Haiyan, and my first data-oriented article. (November 2013)

The life story (obituary) of Margaret Mary (Walloch) Jarvis, a selfless, loving mother. (April 2012)

Vox Magazine

An award-winning article about the Sharp End neighborhood, a predominantly black business district in Columbia, Missouri. (November 2012)

Atlas Obscura

An exploration of the peculiar Cold War-era bunkers that remain in Albania. (October 2013)

Next Gen Journal

Various political news analyses on the future of industry in America, 2011 protests in Chile, the different generations in the U.S. and rocky economic relations in Europe. (Fall 2011) (PDF)

Connection Newspapers 

An article about the history of Crystal City, a unique area of Arlington, Virginia. (August 2011) (PDF)

The Maneater

A series of articles about the impact from a levee breach in southeast Missouri. (May, November 2011)