the Land of Flowers. Florida is a shapeshifting swamp of beauty and chaos. the Land of Flowers tells a new visual story about the peculiar paradise in an effort to elicit a deeper understanding of, dispel misconceptions about and build a new visage for the misunderstood state. See more here

Exhibitions: Orlando Museum of Art's 1st Thursdays "Florida Grown"  exhibit (April 2022)


Anatomy of a photograph. What makes a striking photo so? Anatomy of a photograph seeks to answer that elusive question as a broader one: What do we see when we see a photo? Subscribe here


Documenting Colombia. In 2020, A.W. started focusing on Colombia in an effort to contribute to vital coverage of a country navigating an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of challenges. After developing a reporting stream on the country at an international news organization, she has continued reporting on Colombia, primarily through photojournalism and data visualization.