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Abigail has developed a rich portfolio over her nine years of professional experience in journalism.


She has reported, written, created, edited, collaborated on and co-led a variety of journalistic works that have spanned many topics in local news, international news, online news, data journalism and research. 


She has told stories about Colombia's complex present and history, the aid industry, navigating relationships during COVID-19, immigrants and children of immigrants in Congress, women in leadership around the world, the state of renting in America, a beloved BMX crew, marathon runners, an energetic breakdancer, extreme weather and invasive fish, among many others. 

In returning to Florida, she has been able to combine her journalistic skills with her love of the state where she was born and raised. As the crucial 2024 election nears, she will be reporting on and from Florida, with a focus on Orlando, at an inarguably vital time for the state and nation. 

See her portfolio

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