Digital work

The New Humanitarian: Digital storytelling, visual branding, data visualization 

As digital production editor at The New Humanitarian, I manage production of daily stories as well as larger projects. A large part of this is maintaining and refining the organization's visual brand, which includes high-quality images, engaging digital storytelling tools and engaging data visualizations. 

Examples of this work include an engaging data-centric look at how the aid industry has changed, a two-part series on the persistent conflict in Colombia and a photo feature on the impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous communities in Peru's Amazon.

Second Sun Project: Newsletter-first storytelling

In December 2019, I launched Second Sun, an experimental online storytelling project, which is currently on hiatus. The original iteration published stories via newsletter on Fridays and online the following Sunday. Newsletters regularly attained open rates around 70% and opens often exceed the number of subscribers. 

See an example from Dec. 6, 2019, and another from Nov. 29, 2019

Newsletter-first concept featured in Revue's "Newsletter predictions 2020" (Dec. 31, 2019)

Pew Research Center: Weekly newsletter, unique newsletters

I managed and collaborated on the Center's weekly newsletter, which included the past week's many publications.

See examples from July 20, 2019; Jan. 19, 2019; and Oct. 27, 2018.

We also occasionally sent "one-off" newsletters tailored to a certain news event or content package. I coordinated the writing and production for these along with a group of coworkers. 

See examples from March 26, 2019, and Feb. 5, 2019.

York Daily Record: The poll and "York short" morning update

I managed a weekly poll that transformed into a morning news update with casual yet informative approach to the day's news. The "York short" was published every week day during my tenure. 

See examples from June 16, 2016; June 14, 2016; and April 4, 2015.