Missed Pitches


the Land of Flowers


The New Humanitarian


Launched this photo essay newsletter devoted to the act of noticing. Rebranding in process.

Assisted on this newsletter devoted to helping freelancers place pitches and more broadly advise on the freelance life. 

Started this photo essay project on Instagram to explore and document Florida's peculiar paradise.

Co-led daily and project publication schedule and flow for this nonprofit international news organization.

Co-managed online presentation of this engaging data-centric look into 25 years of humanitarian data. Personally handmade all graphics.

Co-established reporting stream on Colombia and its complexities, an under-reported topic.

Co-led online immersive presentation of investigation into Ebola response in Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Established data visualization strategy.

Streamlined visual strategy and emphasized visual projects.

The Second Sun Project


Pew Research Center


Launched this experimental online storytelling project (currently on hiatus). Second Sun published stories via newsletter on Fridays and online the following Sunday. Newsletters regularly attained open rates around 70%.

My thoughts on the newsletter-first concept was featured in Revue's "Newsletter predictions 2020." (Dec. 31, 2019)

Managed and led the daily publication flow for Fact Tank, the Center's data journalism blog.

Wrote, managed and coordinated the Center's weekly newsletter, which at the time had more than 100k subscribers.

Coordinated and wrote the Center's yearly "striking findings" article, often one of the most popular publications each year.

Coordinated and collaborated with digital and other teams on a variety of projects, from single publications to larger projects.

York Daily Record


Co-led, managed and organized daily publication flow for this mid-size newspaper.

Created and managed a weekly poll that transformed into a morning news update with casual approach to the day's news. The "York short" was published every week day.