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Current work

Much of Abigail's work currently focuses on Florida and its kaleidoscope of issues. A journalist by training and trade and a Floridian by birth, she takes a full and informed approach to her work documenting this peculiar paradise. 


Fishers of fish, fishers of men

Fishers of fish, fishers of men is an ongoing visual reportage project on the role of water in Florida through the lens of the St. Johns River, a historically vital artery, and, by extension, the relationship between people and place amid growing climate threats wrought not least by such a fraught bond.

the Land of Flowers

the Land of Flowers is an ongoing visual exploration of the peculiar paradise of Florida and the experience of self in a place where what is real and what is not are blurred. 


In essence, the project seeks to encapsulate the chaos inherent to and on vivid display in Florida, as well as the disorienting destruction, creation, reality, mirage, joy, confusion and pain that comes with life here.

Hurricane Ian

Ongoing reportage on the impacts of and recovery from Hurricane Ian, a colossal storm that struck Florida in late September 2022. 

To publish any of these images, please work with me directly by email ( or by phone (4075909172).

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