Hi, I’m A.W. Geiger, a photojournalist and visual storyteller based in Orlando, Florida, and Bogotá, Colombia.

In general, I focus on photojournalism and visual storytelling (primarily data visualization), though I also write and edit on occasion.


I share some of my favorite work in Parallels, a photo essay newsletter. Subscribe here.


I'm a journalist by trade and training. I've worked in local news, online news, international news, data and research and more; I've held roles at The New Humanitarian, Pew Research Center, the York Daily Record and the Western News, among others. Additionally, my work has been published in a variety of other publications. In 2014, I received bachelor's degrees in journalism and political science from the University of Missouri.


Through my work, I honor the sanctity and power of stories – particularly ones that go unnoticed or under-covered. All our lives are constellations of stories. Our stories define us, and they can also help us better understand each other. I hope my work allows for that communion.



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