Hi, I’m A.W., a photojournalist and visual storyteller with a focus on Florida and its surrounds. I tell stories that showcase the extraordinary in the ordinary within this peculiar paradise in an effort to demystify a place that is deeply misunderstood outside and in.

My work in visual storytelling, steeped in my personal connection to the region and my love for visual mediums, is also informed by my intensive training in and experience in journalism, a fundamental – if flawed – facet of modern public storytelling.

Photo by Vanessa Hartsuiker

Outside of Florida, I also cover Colombia, a country often undercovered by English language media. In addition, I help out with Missed Pitches, a newsletter devoted to helping place rejected freelance pitches.

I'm a journalist by trade and training. I previously worked for The New Humanitarian, Pew Research Center, the York Daily Record and the Western News, among others. Additionally, my work has been published in a variety of other publications. In 2014, I received bachelor's degrees in journalism and political science from the University of Missouri.

Through my work, I honor the sanctity and power of stories – particularly ones that go unnoticed or undercovered. All our lives are constellations of stories. Our stories define us, follow us. They give meaning, offer clarity. And they can help us better understand each other. I hope my work allows for that communion.



P.S. Please feel welcome to reach out. My email is geigeraw@gmail.com, and you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram

P.P.S. Photo by Vanessa Hartsuiker.